A walk in Paris


This weekend of October the 14th, this was the Indian summer in Paris (+25 degrees) and it would have been a crime staying at home doing nothing (or working on my travel blog héhé 😛) and not enjoying the temperature and the last rays of sun. It was also the harvest festival in Montmartre and I thought it would be cool to go there, taking some pictures and enjoy the party! 


A walk in Paris: starting from Montmartre

Montmartre was crowded this weekend! there were many people on the streets who came to enjoy the last rays of sunshine and attend the grape harvest festival. I took the opportunity to discover streets that I did not know. For instance, I discovered the house and the place of Dalida and the Clos de Montmartre (old vineyard of Montmartre).

En route to the Luxembourg Gardens

Then seeing the large crowd I motivated myself to do something else. In Paris there are many things to do! So I thought it would be cool to go further south toward the Luxembourg Gardens to enjoy the light of autumn (saturated colors that make beautiful pictures). I took bus 85 down the hill of Montmartre and I dropped not far from the Royal Palace.

Discovery of Gallerie Vivienne

On my way to the Palais Royal, I discovered by chance the Galerie Vivienne: a very well preserved passage with shops built in 1823. The visit is worth seeing because there are many luxury shops and restaurants, the site is authentic and light for photos is nice:

Photos of Place des Victoires

I took one of the exits of the Galerie Vivienne and I went out on a street that I recognized: after crossing two or three streets, I found myself right in front of the magnificent statue of Louis 14 located on the Place des Victoires (see photo below):


After making some pictures of the Place des Victoires, I found myself face to face with the Basilique Notre-Dame-des-Victoires. I could have gone somewhere else but I saw on the facade of the Basilique the initials “M-A”  (wich means Marie-Antoinette) so I decided to enter the building to have a look. Inside the Bailique, I was surprised to see so many ex-votos hanging on the walls (almost all). It is sure this church is appreciated in the area!

Photos of the Palais-Royal garden

After I continued straight to the south and I found a small entrance of the Palais Royal gardens. I told to myself that this would be there I will enjoy the last rays of lights of this beautiful day !